I'm a mom. I'm an artist. I'm a loud-ass feminist. 

In 2015, I started painting to heal myself of some crushing post-partum depression. I continue painting, every damn day, because if I don't I'll most likely explode. 

What inspires me? 

Women & femmes

the LGBTQIA community

sex-positive feminism

Mother Nature


My Mission

To inspire women/femmes to claim the Power, Money, Pleasure, & Liberty that they've been denied for millennia. 

To heal the Patriarchy by celebrating & elevating the Divine Feminine within all.

To say to fellow moms: I see you. It's hard. 

You're right. They don't pay you enough. 

To not cry over EVERY cute baby I see at the grocery store.


Some originals are available for sale. 

If you see something in the ol' shop, send me an email. The original may still be available. 

Also, all commissioned paintings come with some extra AF giftwrap & a handpainted card. 

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